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7-Inch Release-a-Thon

By Alex Weber · June 10th, 2009 · Spill It
Cincinnati is the new Olympia, Wash., this week, as Arms Exploding, Caterpillar Tracks and The Read, three politically charged bands with aggressive Post-Punk/Post- Hardcore tendencies, celebrate their 7-inch vinyl releases on local label Phratry Records.

Newport’s Southgate House is ground zero for getting your face kicked in (sonically speaking) Friday night. Caterpillar Tracks and Arms Exploding, whose 7-inch is a split, bring their kicking-and-screaming neo-Noise Rock — and a box of freshly pressed vinyl singles — to the Parlor for a 9 p.m. release show and party. Sounding like two bands informed both by grumpy ’90s Kill Rock Stars groups like Unwound and the more-Pop-friendly At the Drive In, Caterpillar Tracks and Arms Exploding make a perfect pair for a split release.

Caterpillar Tracks’ side, a song called “It’s a W.I.N. for the Home Team” is a twisted, slightly twangy tune that chugs along with a tight, Jesus-Lizard-scrappin’-with-Helmet flair. These guys  have been playing together since New Phratry ’03, and it shows here. Formed Release from the remains of East Arcadia and Based in Theory, the equally tight Arms Exploding set fire to eardrums on the pummeling flipside, “Of Luxury and Branding.” The genre tag “Screamo” might be something of a clichéd pejorative, but if ever that sound were executed ideally, it would be on this track.

“Of Luxury and Branding” shows that Arms Exploding have studied up on touchstone bands like Refused as well as late-’90s “intelligent” Hardcore stuff like Coalesce and Botch and come up with something inspired. Fans of creative, cathartic, loud Rock should take note. Jared Grabb and Tina Sparkle open. (myspace.com/armsexploding and myspace.com/caterpillartracks)

If tinnitus hasn’t set in yet, then dance-worthy upstarts The Read’s all-ages Saturday release show at the Bikehaus (1308 Clay St., Over-the-Rhine) will present an ample night of potential hearing damage. Their new single, “Party Lines” backed with “Yr Garbage,” is a spirited, pissed missive on modern anomie in our throwaway culture and the ultimate, inevitable solution: anarchy, man! The songs, with their jangly, angular guitars and gleefully frantic rhythm section (the bass lines are especially killer) capture The Read exorcising their Gang of Four demons, sputtering shards of melody atop some seriously swingin’ backbeats. The show is $5. The Dopamines, Till Plains and Analog Mic open. (myspace.com/readlikered)

Banjo-Wielding Bumpkin Benefit

Local yokels take over the Southgate House stages on Saturday for the Rivertown Breakdown, a whole-house event whose proceeds go to benefit an annual cleanup of the Ohio River. The Breakdown, which starts at 8 p.m. and costs $15, will feature an eclectic array of tunesmiths with foundations in Roots, Folk and Americana music (and, especially this year, beyond). In the Ballroom: The Katie Laur Band, Rumpke Mountain Boys, IsWhat?, Queen City Zapatistas, Straw Boss, Jake Speed and the Freddies and an all-star jam to close out the night. In the Parlour: Cincinnati Dancing Pigs, Magnolia Mountain, Seedy Seeds and Lagniappe. And in the Lounge: Cuz’n Jake, The Tillers, Comet Bluegrass Allstars, The Sidecars and Kentucky Struts. And in honor of our favorite watering hole, each band will perform at least one ode to the River.  (rivertownbreakdown.com)

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