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State of the Movement

By Danny Cross · June 10th, 2009 · Special

Considering the last 40 years of the gay rights movement is complicated. American society has come a long way, as evidenced by the numerous states that recognize gay marriage, the increasing protections gays have secured through legislation and the increasing success of reality TV shows about designers. (Thanks for the exposure, capitalism!)

But while there’s plenty to celebrate, there’s also much work to be done before gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people secure equal rights.

In this issue several area activists discuss decades of struggle for equality and the yearly celebration of the consistent, if frustrating, march forward. Baby Boomers can’t hang around and hinder progress forever — and until then there’s Pride, the yearly celebration of individuality, sexual freedom and all sorts of unclassifiable fun to be had when everyone loosens up, spikes the punch and goes outside to party.

The 2009 Pride Issue has everything you need, including details on the weekend’s Pride Festival and Parade. And don’t forget the sunblock: It’s going to be hot out there, and we have a feeling someone’s going to have their shirt off.



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