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Comedy: Jason Stuart

By PF Wilson · June 9th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

“Ohio has been so great to me,” says comedian Jason Stuart, who is in town this week to headline Cincinnati’s Gay Pride festival. His career is humming along, working in films and making regular TV appearances. Personally, he admits things could be going better, though his distress does provide a lot of stage material. “It’s sort of my plight in life,” he says, “which is finding a decent husband. My issues have come into public light.” He has started to take action in attempt to turn things around.

“I went through my phone the other day,” he says, “and deleted all the men. Isn’t that great? I was like delete, delete, delete — and now they’re gone. As Teri Garr says in Tootsie, ‘My lovers can treat me like crap, but not my friends.’ ” He’s somewhat surprised that gay marriage was reversed in California, but not totally. “We have a lot of religious people that live in Orange County, Sacramento and Fresno,” he says. “California’s not just San Francisco and L.A.” For those on the other side who remain un-swayed, he makes this promise: “Come on, straight people, let us marry each other and we’ll stop marrying you.” Stuart headlines Cincinnati Gay Pride festival on Saturday at Hoffner Park.

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