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Writing Letters

By Readers · June 3rd, 2009 · Letters

Writing Letters

I finally got around to reading Larry Gross’ Living Out Loud column “The Last Real Letter” (issue of May 27). I probably would have sent him a letter if I knew his address!

Pen pal groups still exist all across this country. Sure, you can do it the Internet way, but you can also do it the old-fashioned way through the U.S. Mail.

On my days off I often go to the downtown library and write letters. It’s a lot of fun, and when I go to my mailbox I usually have something to look forward to instead of endless bills I can’t pay! — Lori Wiseman, Downtown

Stop Looking Back

I found Larry Gross’ “The Last Real Letter” column (issue of May 27) an interesting and amusing read. I honestly thought for a moment to send him a “real letter” through the Post Office, but that’s not real life these days.

Agreed, it’s fun to read old letters and think of the good old days, but those days are gone. Texting, e-mailing and so on is the modern world of communication. You can save a text, you can save an e-mail. Perhaps Gross needs to adjust his thinking to these facts.

He can send his old-fashioned letter to his friends — it’s your business — but maybe address his thinking to the 21st century and stop looking back. Basically adjust to the real time he’s living in. — Charles Lipton, Hyde Park

A Matter of ‘When’

The politicians of both parties have been consistently increasing their power for decades. The current administration has taken things a step further, however. The massively increased spending coupled with the takeover of the banking industry, the auto industry and the proposed takeovers of health-care, the census, etc. should be scary for all of us.

Just remember something: You may be in favor of handing these vast powers to government while your man is in office, but at some point the other side will take over again. It will happen. It’s just a matter of “when.”

Do you think that either party, once given these vast powers, will hand them back to us, the people? All great power grabs by government were done by the “benevolence” of that government.

If you mistrust the other side so much, you should consider the fact that it’s government and not political parties that we in the Tea Party are concerned about. The more recent
expansions of federal power were done in the shadows. This time, it’s right in our face, and as a private citizen this should give you great cause for concern.

Maybe you should consider attending a meeting yourself and make an informed statement rather than following a party line thinking. You might discover that there is logic and thought behind this and not simply the angry vitriol that you are assuming.

Have a great weekend. The weather is fine. I’m gonna go have some more tea. — etipton (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to May 27 Politics/Issues blog post “Tea Baggers Plan Small Event in the ’Burbs”)

Dowd Is a Human Dill Pickle

Maureen Dowd is a human dill pickle. Personally, I like sarcasm used by critics and writers. However, Dowd is a real buzz-kill.

As far as the plagiarism claim is concerned, I think The New York Times should be more careful about copycats based on their track record. — Bengalsgal (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to May 27 On Second Thought column “Maureen Dowd’s Plagiarism”)



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