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Review: Travel

By Julie York Coppens · June 2nd, 2009 · Fringe
Two problems with Travel, the aerial dance show: It doesn’t go anywhere, and it needs to lighten up. Still, you might enjoy the trip.

Three agile, committed performers defy convention, if not always gravity, in this self-described “multi-media, aerial art masterpiece,” done in an “avant garde style” — in other words, no clear story, an off-putting score of atonal Electronica, random (but strangely mesmerizing) projected video and a colorful costuming scheme pitched somewhere between circus and sadomasochism.

Dancers Jeremy Millsaps, Holly Price and Deontre Martin demonstrate considerable strength and mutual trust as they surrender their various weights to one another and to a suspended hoop, a net and two long swaths of silk.

Hands grip, torsos bend, bodies stack in surprising, often beautiful combinations.

At times, as when Price “runs” in a graceful circle while hanging from the ring, the performers’ movements achieve the fluidity and sense of flight that are aerial dance’s chief delights. Whenever the performers soar, our spirits accompany them, and not even the show’s weightiest “avant-garde” trappings hold us down. But Travel can’t really fly in such a low-ceilinged venue: Whoever stuck Jamming Talent Productions into 16 feet of vertical space obviously had no feel for the form.

Give this trio credit, though, for taking the journey, which is really about the body and its boundless potential.

Performed at Know Theatre through June 6. See performance dates and preview here.



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