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Preview: Four Wishes

By Julie York Coppens · May 26th, 2009 · Fringe

Riches. Stature. Immortality. A better aim. In Four Wishes, a Native American fable retold by Gunstwork Puppet Mask Theatre of Boulder, Colo., four Abenaki tribesmen journey to the island of the great Gluskabe, who grants one wish to each.

“It’s a very, very simple story,” says Michael Gunst, the show’s creator and solo performer.

“It has to do with human desire. We can all relate to that.”

Cautionary tales of wish fulfillment pop up in all cultures, from Aladdin’s lamp to J.K. Rowling. So which wish is the right wish? “When I create theater, I don’t like to spell everything out,” Gunst says. “People can use their imaginations.”

Performed at New Stage Collective May 28, 30 and 31 and June 2 and 6 (see map of Fringe venues here)


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