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Preview: Brother Bailey's Pageant of Moral Superiority & Creation Science Island Jamboree

By Tom McElfresh · May 26th, 2009 · Fringe

Writer-director Brad Cupples says he and Ornamental Messiah Productions use comedy to “wake people up” about Creationism, which he calls “an abomination to common sense.”

Imagine, he says, a wacky 1960s beach-blanket-bingo movie.

Binky and Simone must ace a science project or spend summer in the lab instead of on the sand. Creationist Brother Bailey, an amalgam of notable televangelists, urges them to substitute his “moral opinions” for the “evils of scientific fact.”

Eight actors chase through 10 scenes. Asked if his show is blasphemous, Cupples says, “We embrace blasphemy.”

Performed at Art Academy of Cincinnati May 28 and 29 and June 2 and 5 (see map of Fringe venues here)


05.29.2009 at 01:22 Reply
As a cast member I take issue with Mr. Cupples' last comment. First of all by stating that "we embrace blasphemy" he implies that he is speaking for the entire company. As far as I knew there was no "religious test" required to participate in the production. Brad did warn us about potential controversy and it has been clear that he has an agenda but I don't recall any discussion in which it was expressed or implied that we were all of like mind on the issues dealt with in this play. As a Muslim I cannot allow it to be assumed that by providing my services as an actor I wholeheartedly embrace Mr. Cupples' ideology as was implied by his statement. Yes I believe in Natural Selection. I also feel that religion should be kept out of the science classroom but I am not an atheist...far from it. Furthermore, based on Mr> Cupples' own logic, one would have to believe in something in order to "embrace" it. Without a God, how can there be blasphemy? I encourage everyone to see this play. Brad is a talented writer and it's a very fun time. Peace, Brent Meyer