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Finding Comforts

By Alex Weber · May 27th, 2009 · Spill It

On their Web site, The Comforts call themselves “crowd pleasers at biker bars and church festivals.” Listening to their latest release, the six-song EP Come On In!, it’s hard to tell whether that nod to their evident fan base is tongue-in-cheek or honest, because the Anderson Township-based band actually sounds pretty damn good for a grown-up bubblegum band content with hitting the suburban circuit.

These guys (and gal) churn out new-wavey guitar Pop with just the right amount of attitude, playful irony and an unabated sense of fun. Lead singer Frances Lynne Merk sounds like a warmer, folksier Debbie Harry, and when guitarist/singer Paul Lake pipes in with his calls-andresponses and sturdy harmonies on songs like “Circles Never End” or the excellent “Small Town Girl,” the results almost recall late-period B-52’s (think “Roam”) or maybe even X but with more laid-back flair than flamboyance.

Elsewhere, thundering drums, plucky, flanged guitar, and saxes soundtrack songs about growing up, riding the bus, and the general awkwardness of getting through the day. Also worth mentioning is the production, which overall is pretty impressive, with the clean-yet-loud guitars recorded in a particularly up front manner. The real imminently likeable thing about this CD, though, is those well-honed Pop sensibilities and the general good spirit the Comforts exude.

Catch ’em at a church parking lot near you this summer, or head to Anderson Bar and Grill (8060 Beechmont Ave.) for their CD release party at 9 p.m.

Friday. (myspace.com/thecomfortsrock)

Stoned on Video

Union, Ky., Alternative poppers Philosopher’s Stone took the crown at last November’s Legacy Rocks band competition in Newport, and the grand prize included a music video by Bob Mills of Mills Films (millsfilms.com) in Edgewood. Six months later the final product has arrived, and it’s in the form of a slick, professional-looking DVD.

The video itself is for the song “Paint” and features the band hanging out in artistically lit stairwells and goofing around with friends, keyboards and picture frames. There are also plenty of shots of them playing at the York Street Cafe and on the roof of a Cincinnati building with the Carew and Fifth Third towers in the background at either sunrise or sunset (my directional orientation skills are way too pathetic to allow me to say for certain).

Philosopher’s Stone celebrates the video release with a show at York Street Cafe (738 York St., Newport) at 8 p.m. on Saturday. $5. (myspace.com/philosophersstone)

Other Local Notes

• Our beloved Sundresses return home from their recent Sandwich Tour (whose intent was to challenge the ’Dresses to “eat a sandwich every day and rock the fuck out” on each stop along the way). Fresh from Toledo, the fearsome threesome land at the Northside Tavern Friday for a free 8 p.m. show. Bring ’em each a Cincy-style sandwich.

• Folk experimenter and Southgate open mic commando Billy Catfish re-christens his musical self the Billy Catfish Orchestra with a free 9 p.m. show with Steve Girton on Sunday, May 31 in the Southgate House lounge. It seems that even with the newly appended “Orchestra” tag Mr. Catfish will still be a solo act, unless he’s playing with the Chauncers or the Lonesome Tumblers.

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