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Onstage: Josh Blue

By PF Wilson · May 26th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

As if Josh Blue weren’t busy enough doing stand-up comedy and playing soccer for the U.S. paralympic team, about a year ago he became a father. He couldn't be happier. “He’s a little guy,” Blue says of his son, “but he’s growing by leaps and bounds.”

Being a dad has limited his appearances, but he still has to make a living. “I love performing, I just miss being home (with my son).

I Never thought I'd miss something so much." 

Blue’s life will be a little less hectic when his soccer career ends, which he knows will be soon. “The coach cut five older players last season,” he says. “I'm the oldest now.” Of course, he wouldn't mind coaching, perhaps eventually doing so for his son. “I'd love to,” he says. “Hopefully he’ll like soccer. I really want him to be a soccer player, but if he’s like, ‘Daddy, I want to be a ballerina,’ I’ll be fine with that … but I’m not coaching ballet!”

Blue performs Friday-Sunday at the Funny Bone at Newport on the Levee. $20.

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