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Art: She Keeps It in Play at Semantics Gallery

By Selena Reder · May 19th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

The body of work on display in Semantics Gallery is, at first sight, as inexplicable as the show’s title suggests: She Keeps It In Play/They Don’t Know What To Call It. As abstract paintings, drawings and sculptures, they leave much to the imagination but they don’t entirely defy explanation.

Curator Matt Morris (also a CityBeat contributing writer) set out to prove that abstract art is a part of everyday life.

The art is comprised of elements such as line, shape and color that exist in the natural world, and for this reason the work is not set apart from the world we live in. Morris invited artists Tracey Featherstone, Arthur Menezes Brum, Lindsey Whittle, Amy Scarpello and Paige Williams to be playful in this exhibit.

Saturdays and by appointment through May 30. Read Selena Reder's full review here.



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