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Comedy: Dan O'Sullivan

By PF Wilson · May 19th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

Dan O’Sullivan likes coming to Ohio, even though the St. Louis native has encountered some problems here. “I’ve had some trouble,” he says. “Bar trouble. Talking to the wrong woman.” Such are the risks you run when you’re, as some describe him, one of the last remaining “classic road comics.” It sure beats working for a living, though. “I’ve never had a real job,” he says. The closest he came was while he was attending college.

The future funnyman found employment at Busch Gardens. “I used to have to wear a brown polyester suit with the orange fucking trim on it. In 90-degree heat! Perfect outfit.” The job, delivering beer from the brewery to various locations in the park, did have one advantage. “I could sneak beer,” O’Sullivan says, laughing. Though he attended college on a soccer scholarship, he went straight into comedy after graduation. He first performed in an improv troupe that soon disintegrated because one member felt that he should be the star. The others disagreed, and like O’Sullivan, opted for separate careers in stand-up. O’Sullivan performs Thursday-Sunday at Go Bananas in Montgomery. $8-$12.

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