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Poor Taste

By Readers · May 13th, 2009 · Letters
Poor Taste

Angela Poynter’s smarmy letter about Covington’s AmeraAsia restaurant (“Bizarre Experience,” issue of May 6) causes me to ask, “What, indeed, had you been smoking before eating there?”

The lady must have either had a very unusual experience or been coming down with poor taste. My wife and I regularly lunch at AmerAsia and find the food exceptionally good, and we agree with Lora Anduser’s “take” on the restaurant (“Asian Haven,” issue of April 29). We also found Poynter’s “fave,” Riverside Korean, overpriced and its management rude. — William E. Hanks, Covington

Booby Hatch

Whatever happened to “protect and serve?” The Cincinnati Police Department is so embroiled in internal struggles I don’t know where or how they find time to actually do their jobs.

Chief Thomas Streicher Jr. is an insane, power-hungry lout, and both he and Mayor Mark Mallory should be in the booby hatch, not City Hall.

— Bengalsgal (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to Porkopolis column “Bad Apples and Bad Attitudes at CPD,” issue of May 6)

Why the Hate?

What the hell is your problem, CityBeat??? Why all the Cincinnati Police Department bashing all the time?

Obviously you don’t have all the facts and nor do you ever. Just don’t understand all the hate toward the chief and the department. — Smokey (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to Porkopolis column “Bad Apples and Bad Attitudes at CPD,” issue of May 6)

Socialism = Communism

Socialism and communism are the same thing. There is one distinction: Socialism is reality, it’s what we see on the planet. For example: Lenin’s, Stalin’s, Mao’s, Castro’s socialism. USSR: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Nazis: National Socialist Party.

Communism was Marx’s Utopian pipedream, where socialism would evolve to. Everyone would be so happy that there would be no need for a formal government. In the words of Marx: It would simply wither away.

So this rambling along about a “new” target of the “conservatives” is just what I called it before: propaganda. — ejkrigbaum (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to news story “Smearing Socialism,” issue of May 6)

Not Utopians

Aside from the withering away part, you got it completely wrong. Show me in the writings of Marx, Engels or Lenin where it says that the state will wither away due to everyone being happy. That’s a laughable misrepresentation.

Marx and Engels were not utopians precisely because they recognized that certain material conditions have to be met before socialism and communism (which are not the same thing: I don’t even know how you could say that they’re the same and then describe how they’re different in the same paragraph) can come into being. — Red Rover (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to “Socialism = Communism” comment and “Smearing Socialism,” issue of May 6)



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