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Music: Manchester Orchestra

By Ryan Mclendon · May 6th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

Manchester Orchestra, the foursome from Atlanta, started their career young with an unabashed, ball-outs zeal and cranked out as much product as fast as possible. With the average age of the band being 21, MO has already produced two full-length studio albums, I’m Like a Virgin Losing and Child a Mean Everything to Nothing, in the few short years they’ve been in the media conscience, something that might be easy to do when young and depressed (and possibly monstrous.)

Frontman Andy Hull was a frustrated home-schooler and spent his senior year of high school recording his first full-length album.

A little over a year later, he had a band, backing from Paste Magazine and a new album. When you’re that prolific of a music-maker, nothing else matters. Manchester Orchestra has developed some of the most folksy, prosaic and delightful records of the new millennium -- traditional Americana on downers -- and shows no sign of stopping. Hull even has a side project Right Away, Great Captain.

They play at the Mad Hatter with Fun, Audrye Sessions and Winston Audio. Get Sound Advice here.



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