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Made by Women

By Maija Zummo · May 6th, 2009 · News
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Hi, I’m Maija and I’m a woman. Generally I refer to myself as a “girl,” but for the purposes of this introduction I shall be a woman.

Traditionally, as a woman, people expect you/me to make a lot of things: homes, babies, CityBeat Women’s Issues, etc. Thankfully, no one required me to get pregnant during the making of this special section. I probably would have said no.

But since it’s already 2009, I figured we’ve been fighting for equality long enough that some of the social stigma has worn off of this Suzy Homemaker persona. Instead of revolting against her, we could probably recognize her, maybe even embrace her — but only if she said it was OK.

So, now in its 14th year, the annual Women’s Issue celebrates all things Made by Women. We take a look at female musicians. Does it really matter who’s up on stage as long as they rock? We explore the effects of fashion on social consciousness and the environment. Will biodegradable clothing melt in the rain? We meet a filmmaker who’s been a Jack, errr Jill, of all trades. And then we’ll get some good ol’ American comfort food recipes, like how to make the perfect martini. Which is great because when I cook I don’t feel oppressed. I feel hungry. And then frequently disappointed because the food I make tastes very bad.

This year I also decided to let a boy write for the women’s issue even though the theme wasn’t Men Talking About Women. Taboo, I know. And I apologize if this turns anyone’s world upside down. (Maybe they’ll let Danny Cross do his “Men on Women” issue next year.) But the boy wrote about fashion, so it’s OK.

And if it’s not, this should make you feel better: The Women’s Issue is dedicated to Bea Arthur, comedienne, feminist and Golden Girl. Broadway dimmed its lights. The least I could do was give her the Women’s Issue.

So R.I.P. Bea. Thanks for making us laugh. We’ll have a piece of cheesecake in your honor.



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