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Save Your $$$

By Readers · April 22nd, 2009 · Letters

Save Your $$$
I read Larry Gross’ Living Out Loud columns all the time, and he’s probably a nice enough guy but maybe a little foolish. In his column “Hump Day” (issue of March 25) he was approached by three panhandlers in only a short period of time. The only one who was totally honest was the man who demanded that he give him money for a pack of cigarettes. At least he wasn’t offering a made-up story.

I’ve lived downtown for a lot years and have heard it all, and that includes the woman who needed money to buy milk for her babies.

Save your money.

Gross isn’t helping these people by opening his wallet. All he’s becoming is an easy mark. — Eddie Lowe, Downtown

I’m Scared
Larry Gross’ “Hump Day” column (issue of March 25) caught my eye and interest, especially with the angry man in the shop demanding cigarette money. I find this the case more and more downtown — aggressive people demanding money.

Gross is a guy, and it doesn’t scare you. Try being a woman. These people scare me.

The recession is only making this problem worse downtown. I’ve worked downtown for years and have never seen it this bad. I can’t even wait for a bus without being approached. Is downtown Cincinnati becoming Detroit?

I hope CityBeat is available in Tri-County. In a few weeks, I’ll be working closer to home and I’m glad. I’ve had enough of downtown and being scared. — Marilyn Turner, Springdale

Editor’s Note: CityBeat is available in Tri-County.



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