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Music: MDC

By Reyan Ali · April 21st, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends
“MDC” means a lot of things. Using each record to interpret their name differently, the acronym of the Austin, Texas-bred band has stood for Millions of Dead Cops (from their 1982 full-length debut and the most commonly applied meaning), Multi-Death Corporations (1983), Millions of Dead Children (1984), Metal Devil Cokes (1989) and Magnus Dominus Corpus (2004), among other things. However, what the MDC moniker always guarantees is raw, provocative, uncompromising Punk Rock, without any modifiers or additives.

This is a group intimately familiar with controversy and the band isn’t about to sanitize their opinions or the snarling and unrefined sound that came with it. They received their share of flak, including threats from white supremacy advocates who attended their shows. But it’s not like they would compromise anyway: “MDC is over the top so we’ve never shied away from it. We did this Millions of Damn Christians album and my grandmother hated it. If you’re going to write a song called ‘Millions of Dead Cops,’ then you’re not holding back.”

They play the Mad Hatter at 8 p.m. with Embrace the Kill and Mouth Sewn Shut. Get Sound Advice here.



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