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Cincinnati's Tea Party

Anti-stimulus package protesters take to the streets

By Cameron Knight · April 15th, 2009 · Multimedia

An estimated 3,000 people attended today’s latest “Tea Party” protest at Fountain Square, this time commemorating Tax Day, and a CityBeat writer and photographer were there to capture the event in all of its sordid glory.

Cincinnati’s protest and subsequent march to City Hall, one of about 600 tea parties scheduled nationwide, ostensibly were held to protest President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus package, and urge city officials not to accept any financial aid. Read Kevin Osborne's report here.



04.16.2009 at 09:58 Reply
Here's the skinny. Although they are complaining about their taxes NONE of their taxes increased this year. And when the sunset expiration goes into effect on the Bush tax cuts, probably 1% of the people there will see a difference. In fact, the other 99% will see a tax decrease. This is what happens when people are misinformed. Sad state of affairs isn't it?


04.17.2009 at 01:42
You just nailed it. These are people who have been listening to Rush Limbaugh for so many years that they have developed a deep hatred towards anything and everything that could in any way be considered "liberal" -- even when they themselves will benefit. They take their fear and give it names like "socialism" and "communism" without even knowing what those words really mean. And besides, if these people are so opposed to government spending, where were they during the nearly 8 years when we spent over $800 *Trillion* (nearly a quadrillion!) on the two wars going on? They didn't complain one bit. It just shows how manipulated these people are to fall for the right-wing rhetoric. Of course, there's also a sad irony in the fact that these anti-tax people used public property for their demonstrations and used public roads to get there.


07.02.2009 at 03:10
Attend one of these "tax" rallies, and you'll basically see it's just a bunch of people who not only hate a Democrat being President, but REALLY hate a black Democrat being President.


05.22.2009 at 09:09 Reply
The two wars were unfortunate, although the war in Afgahnistan was absolutely a necessity unless you want to see more 9/11 events happening in our homeland. However spending nearly a trillion dollars to do a bunch of liberal crap to stimulate the economy was highly irresponsible. In Obama's stimulous plan included things such as a $150 millon grant to spend on research of ancient volcanic ash in Wyoming. You liberals often forget that is OUR money they are spending, which is why I propose that everyone gets paid their gross salary all year then come april 15 everyone has to write a check to pay their taxes, just to remind people where the money actually came from. And like it or not the solid fact is that rich people do not pay taxes! they are the business owners/employers and when their taxes go up, they simpley increase the prices of their goods/services to maintain their 10% profit margin (or however much they deem) and the people who purchase their goods/services are again left footing the bill... so tax the rich all you want, it is the common people who pay the taxes in the end anyway you work the books. As a tax auditor for the IRS I can promise you I have spent more time researching these things than both of you combined, so don't say I'm misinformed. We republicans have a very good reason to fear socialism... Liberals are in denial when they say their ideas are not socialism, because the definition of socialism is more government control, less free enterprise, the platform of the Democrat agenda. We fear socialism simply because it DOES NOT WORK! Just ask Russia, Korea, and China what it's done for them! Capitolism took the USA from a colony to the world's greatest superpower in less than 200 years, yet we need to "change" things???


07.02.2009 at 03:08
You seem to forget that we elect the members of our government. We ARE our government. When you advocate "less government control," you're basically advocating ... less control. In other words, let the entities that are NOT elected by the people - namely, corporations and other moneyed interests - gain power and control over the people who, without their government to protect them, are at a complete disadvantage. If you still insist on labeling this "socialism," well, I'll take my socialism over your plutocracy any day of the week.