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The Trick or the Treat

Jake Speed -

By Jake Speed · October 25th, 2006 · Speedy Delivery
Notes: Maybe I'm morbidly satirical this week because I just finished re-reading Orwell's 1984. The biting similarities between The Party and our current administration startle me. Question: did we really go to war with Iraq three years ago, or am I just dreaming? Maybe it's all just a Halloween hoax that'll be all wrapped up here in a week. I won't hold my breath.

The Trick or the Treat -Click Here to Listen
By: Jake Speed 10/23/06

I took a trip to Washington

On the eve of Halloween

I dressed up as Osama Bin Laden

For Trick or Treat

I walked into the White House

I shouted out ?Here I am?

The president said, ?You look familiar,

Remind me of your name again.?

Why do we all pretend not to notice?

Why don?t we all see?

Have we all forgotten the difference

Between the Trick and the Treat?

I walked into the Capitol

Dressed as Kim Jong Il

The Senators all just laughed at me

Who are you supposed to be ?little girl??

I shouted, ?I got Nuclear Bombs,

And I?m crazy enough to attack!?

But they just turned and walked away

To vote more money into Iraq

Bubble, Bubble, We?re all in trouble

The Republican House is full of creeps

Bubble, Bubble, We?re all in trouble

Get?em out, Get?em out, Get?em out before we?re in too deep

I walked up to the Pentagon

Dressed as a big baboon

Everyone seemed to recognize me.

They said, ?Mr.

Rumsfeld, how are you doing??

I opened up my Halloween sack

I screamed, ?You want a trick or a treat??

All the generals asked, ?What?s the difference??

?Why don?t you ask the dead in the Baghdad streets?



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