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Art: Michael Wilson at Weston Art Gallery

By Laura Leffler · April 7th, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends
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Michael Wilson, a photographer with a considerable career, has his solo exhibition The Day of Small Things opening at the Weston Art Gallery. He's exhibited his photographs of major musicians like Over the Rhine, Lyle Lovett, Phillip Glass and B.B. King. He’s so humble about his work it’s almost unnerving.

“See, at the Weston, they’re calling it a mid-career retrospective, which is probably as good a term as any,” he says.

“And it will have a section of pictures — portraits I’ve done of musicians — but that won’t be the main thrust of it. For the most part, it will be drawn from 30 years of work that would have been done just for myself. Personal work.”

The Weston exhibits his works along with two others: House Divided, an monumental environmental installation by Thomas Macaulay and Transitions: The Dresden Project, a photographic series exploring abandoned dwellings and industrial sites in Dresden, Germany by Guggenheim fellowship recipient Fredrink Marsh.

Read the full interview with Wilson here.



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