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Meg & Dia on the 'Take Action Tour'

April 1 - Bogart's

By Brian Baker · April 1st, 2009 · Sound Advice
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The story of how Meg and Dia Frampton became Pop/Punk crunchmeisters has more twists and turns than an upside down roller coaster. The first irony was, as kids, guitarist Meg got a karaoke machine for Christmas and vocalist Dia got a guitar. After sorting things out, the Korean- American sisters started their first band in their Salt Lake City junior high, then graduated to an acoustic duo and finally assembled a band to self release their debut album, My Home is Gone.

A year of touring led to a Doghouse contract and their 2006 sophomore album, Something Real, which showed their affinity for punchy Pop/Punk as well as the subtler lessons they learned acoustically. Guitarist Kenji Chan then left for a solo career, replaced by Carlo Gimenez who they found on YouTube.

Perhaps one of Meg & Dia’s biggest breaks came about by chance. The band’s MySpace page was taken down because of a posted virus script, but the problem landed them in the in-box of MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson, who was so impressed with their music that he entered them in the site’s contest to become the official MySpace band on the Warped Tour, which they won. They played 2006, 2007 and are slated to play again this year.

Meg & Dia signed a major label contract with Warner Brothers two years ago, but solid touring kept them out of the studio until last March, after which they gigged throughout Europe. Most recently they’ve been out with Plain White T’s, Secondhand Serenade and Rookie of the Year, among others. Next month finally sees the release of Meg & Dia’s third album, Here, Here and Here, which insiders are saying has the potential to break the band wide open. Commercial acceptance would be icing on an already tasty cake — Meg & Dia are already the real deal.

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