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Comedy: Aries Spears

By PF Wilson · March 31st, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends
When asked about his favorite things to talk about on stage, Aries Spears says, “Anything to do with midgets or Barack Obama.” The election of President Obama hasn’t made Spears any more political, but it has influenced his act. “For me as a comedian, and a black man, to not have any material based on Barack Obama is like not turning in my homework,” he says.

“I had to get political in a sense, because the president is someone that looks like me.” While he’s remembered for his many impressions on Mad TV, there’s a lot more to his set these days. “Impressions will always be a part of it,” he notes, “but I don’t think it’s the majority of my act. The majority of it, or what makes up a good portion, is observational humor, race and then sexual humor. The impressions always serve as kind of the trimmings on a well prepared meal at a five-star restaurant.” Spears performs Thursday-Sunday The Funny Bone on the Levee Thursday-Sunday. $15-$17. Get showtimes, buy tickets and find nearby bars and restaurants here.



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