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Jack White, Hannah Montana, Radiohead, 50 Cent

By Staff · March 18th, 2009 · Minimum Gauge



There is now no question as to who is the hardest-working man in showbiz. In what appears to be an effort to never spend a second off stage or out of a recording studio, Jack White has formed yet another “side project.” Scary thing is, once again, it’s a fantastic project. Already a superstar with his bands The Raconteurs and The White Stripes, White is now the drummer/singer for The Dead Weather, a quartet featuring Alison Mosshart from The Kills, Raconteurs bassist (and Cincy boy-done-good) Jack Lawrence and guitarist Dean Fertita. The band recently debuted in Nashville for a showcase that also served to show off White’s new facilities for his Third Man Records. The building will house the label’s offices, as well as a club/rehearsal space, a vinyl record store and a photo studio. Given his penchant for multi-tasking, White will probably be the doorman, janitor, record store clerk, club manager, bartender and soundman for the new facility. The Dead Weather debut, Horehound, is due in early June. The band released a single that is available now on iTunes. Or order it straight from Third Man and maybe Jack will come over and upload it to your computer.



Radiohead has become an unlikely target of the rich and famous.

Never the most social, cuddly band, the group was called out by Kanye West for not talking to him at the Grammys (where the band looked like 4-year-olds being forced to sit through church). And now it appears there was another Grammys diss that might just cost the art rockers their careers. During a radio interview, Teen Pop sensation Miley Cyrus went on and on about the band, who, she said, were the reason she loves music. (We thought it was the gazillion dollars she’s made from it, but what do we know?) She also said Radiohead is, like, her “rock god,” which leads us to believe she thinks “Radiohead” is Thom Yorke’s name. But Yorke apparently broke her achy-breaky heart by refusing to say “Hey, what’s up, girlfriend!” backstage at the Grammys. (Hilariously, the band’s people reportedly told her people that Radiohead “doesn’t really do that.”) On the radio show, Miley called them “Stinkin’ Radiohead!” and promised to “ruin them.” There goes Radiohead’s cameo in High School Musical 4: The Suicidal College Freshman Year. Yorke posted this on his blog about the band’s South American tour: “Wish us all a safe journey if you still like us and you’re not one of those people I have managed to offend by doing nothing.”



Rapper 50 Cent, on the other hand, may genuinely be flirting with disaster with his latest beef. Mr. Cent appears to have seriously stepped over the line with the release of a porn video on the Internet that features a woman he claims is rival Rick Ross’ daughter’s mother. The bizarre clip shows a woman with an “RR” tattoo on her chest getting, ahem, “serviced” by some dude. 50 “narrates” the clip as “Pimpin’ Curly,” a character that wears a ridiculous wig and pimp outfit and appears to be on crack. His worst words in the ramblings were “Now every time you look at your little girl, her little pretty face man … there go her mama.” Anyone with a kid has to be anxiously awaiting a much-deserved 50 beat-down. The two MCs have been trading barbs for several weeks, stemming from recently-confirmed allegations that Ross once dared take a job as a corrections officer and claims that his history with drug-dealing and guns has been overstated. “Fake thuggery” is apparently the ultimate sin in Gangsta Rap. Just don’t fuck with Miley, dudes. Amidst all of this news came word that 50 is touring this spring with … Fall Out Boy! That’s about as “gangsta” as sampling Debbie Boone.



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