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Hollywood Undead with Senses Fail

March 13 • Bogart's

By Brian Baker · March 11th, 2009 · Sound Advice
The past few months have been a blur for Hollywood Undead. The SoCal Rap Metal sextet celebrated their A&M/Octone debut, ironically titled Swan Song, last September and promptly took the show that made them one of the Hollywood club scene’s hottest draws to a national audience.

Hollywood Undead began as high school friends (Johnny, J-Dog, Deuce, Charlie Scene) playing in various conventional Hard Rock band structures. When things didn’t progress, they briefly abandoned music. But they reassembled four years ago with two new members — Funny Man and Da Kurlzz — and with the idea to create something new from their previous and subsequent experiences.

“We made it more eclectic, and we decided to use more vocalists,” Johnny says. “We made some songs and started flowing them out to the Internet and people we knew, and they garnered quite a bit of attention. We worked for years and got nothing, and all of a sudden we’ve got majors bidding and they all wanted to sign us.”

The band’s signature masks were adopted almost as soon as Hollywood Undead coalesced in their new configuration. While Johnny admits everyone has a different personal philosophy regarding the anonymity of their individually stylized headgear, there is a generally accepted group concept.

“We’d been in the scene with some notoriety in Hollywood for a long time in bands,” Johnny says. “We wanted to release something and not be ‘those people who are making that music.’ We wanted it to come from an anonymous source. I want people to enjoy our music but also to spawn a subculture to a degree, something that kids can feel more a part of. As opposed to wearing masks to separate a band from people, we wanted to wear them to connect more.”

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