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Dakota Fanning As a Runaway, Beatles Got Game and Country Fans Are Stumped

By Staff · March 11th, 2009 · Minimum Gauge


Country Fans Ask “What’s a Google?
"We’ve often wondered if it’s even possible to get through the day in these times without using the Internet. Turns out there’s a pretty big base of music fans that could never steal music because they don’t have Internet access.

A study by the Country Music Association found that an astonishing 50 percent of all Country music fans don’t know a Twitter from a Google because they lack home Web access. In related news, noted illegal-download-hater Lars Ulrich of Metallica has announced that his band’s next release will be a duet album with Kenny Chesney.


Dakota Runs Away
In one of the more eyebrow-raising casting moves in recent memory (at least since Frodo was reportedly tapped to play Iggy Pop), it's been announced that adorable li’l Dakota Fanning will play Cheri Currie in a film about pioneering all-girl rockers The Runaways.

According to Variety, the 15-year-old will play the singer-turned-alcoholic/drug addict in the biopic, which starts filming this spring. Memo to Miley Cyrus: Start working on your crack-twitch and bad beehive hairdo techniques. You’re a shoe-in to play Amy Winehouse in the 2014 film about the (probably by then) late Pop star.

Beatles Got Game
Though you still can’t get any Beatles songs on iTunes (a $600 million deal is rumored to be in the works), kids and kids-at-heart will soon be able to play the Fab Four in a video game. No, it’s not an update of Street Fighter that allows you to pit Yoko and Paul McCartney against each other. “The Beatles: Rock Band” is said to offer players the chance to explore the band’s entire catalog and play along. The game — due in September — is the latest example of the band loosening its once air-tight grip on its image, which has included allowing Beatles’ music to be used in American Idol, Cirque du Soleil and Target commercials. We’re still waiting for Yoko’s customary “It’s what John would have wanted” statement. We’re sure he was a huge Pong fan.


From Lifesaving to Visa-Pimping
Billy Corgan is nothing if not confoundingly contradictory. So it’s not a huge shock to hear that the Smashing Pumpkins figurehead has been getting into commercial work lately. He penned a song exclusively for a Hyundai ad earlier this year and now he’s giving up one of his biggest hits to Visa. Though as recently as five years ago, Corgan said he wouldn’t feel right selling his music for advertisement purposes — he told Newsweek, “If your music is not sacred to the point where it’s a really, really, really heavy decision about whether or not you would allow somebody else to exploit it, then what’s not for sale?” — it appears he’s had a change of heart, giving the song “Today” to Visa for a Morgan Freeman-voiced ad.

Famously, Corgan has said that “Today” was written when he was on the brink of suicide and claims writing the song saved his life. Having opened a few heart-attack-inducing Visa bills in our day, we were hoping the commercial would have a similar effect. Alas, our 23 percent interest rate has remained intact.



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