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Bad Veins Fly with Dangerbird, Plus New CDs from Kings of Tragedy and Illshot

By Mike Breen · March 4th, 2009 · Spill It
They’ve spent the past couple of years working their orchestral Indie Pop magic to music fans and the music industry around the country, and now Bad Veins finally has a record label home. Leaked last week via Twitter, drummer Sebastien Schultz confirms that Bad Veins (pictured) are soon to become Dangerbird Records recording artists. (The deal is in place; papers just need to be finalized.)

Schultz says he’s thrilled to have a multi-record, “360 deal” (meaning the label helps with tour support, distribution and other facets of their career) with Dangerbird. The label is home to rising Indie stars like The Dears and Sea Wolf, as well as Sliversun Pickups, whose mainstream success helped the label ink a deal with Warner Bros./Sire for distribution.

“They are a really good fit for us,” the drummer says. “They have the mindset of an indie label, but the professional savvy and resources of a major.”

This Friday at Covington’s Mad Hatter, Bad Veins joins The Seedy Seeds for a “send-off” show as both bands get ready to head to the South By Southwest music fest/conference later this month in Austin, Tex. Kim Taylor and Heartless Bastards will also be representing Cincy at SXSW. (badveins.net; theseedyseeds.com)

New Local Releases

• MC Wonder Brown (of Scribbling Idiots) and MC Till teamed up last year amidst their numerous other projects to do some collabo tour dates as Kings of Tragedy.

This Saturday, the duo will appear at Rohs Street Café in Clifton Heights to celebrate the release of their new self-titled full-length.

Kings of Tragedy is a throwback to the grounded sound and easy flow of A Tribe Called Quest and their ilk, leaving the Glocks and braggadocio behind for an uplifting message. On the track “Cincinnati Summer,” the MCs take a playful look at summertime in the city, but they also speak of the listlessness of youth on the street with nothing to keep them out of trouble. The track — like many of the disc’s best — features a strong rope-a-dope hook and the music itself has a sunshine-y bounce.

Till’s beats and both artists’ crafty, creative production blends the old-school with the new, sample-heavy and deceptively simple. The twosome’s sense of humor pops up on the running skits on the album, which are all about whether they should put skits on the album. Meanwhile, closing cut “Jesus” comes closest to didacticism, mixing some Gospel and Soul samples with the message that Jesus is in everything we do. But even non-believers have to respect the track — and the whole album — as solid Hip Hop that refreshingly lacks everything that is wrong with most mainstream Hip Hop today. (mctill.com)

• If you think the world needs another Rap Metal band like it needs another hole in its ozone layer, then you should probably stay away from Illshot’s new one, The Dirty Filthy Truth. But if news of Limp Bizkit’s reunion had you flipping your cap backwards in glee, join the group this Friday at Annie’s, where they’ll be celebrating the new disc’s release with Taproot, NOA, Livid and Sirface.

The band is pretty much the sound you hear in your head when you hear the words “Rap Metal” — anvil-heavy riffs, pounding blast beats, howling vocals and sketchy rhymes. As a Metal band, Illshot is pretty strong; they’re obviously talented and the riffs and chords aren’t paint-by-numbers. The rhythm section is monstrous. And when they do their “breakdown” parts, the band members provide some cool sound effects that liven up the tracks. But it’s often too hard to get past the vocals and lyrics because they are just way too reminiscent of Fred Durst, from their “Fuck you, I’m cool” themes to that way Durst’s voice goes up high at the end of every couplet. It all should make for a powerful live show, but, again, if Rap Metal isn’t your thing, Illshot isn’t going to change your mind. (myspace.com/illshot)

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