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Look Back, Then Forward

By Readers · March 4th, 2009 · Letters

Look Back, Then Forward
I always look forward to Larry Gross’ Living Out Loud columns. Like a lot of them lately, “Mandolin Rain” (issue of Feb. 25) was a moving story.

I can’t help but notice that in many of Gross’ columns he’s looking back at his life in trying to move forward. Being able to pick up that mandolin after so many years of running from it and “still knowing where your fingers were supposed to go” was touching. He’s coming to terms with an old heartbreak.

I could never do what Gross does, looking back and then forward with your life and writing about it, but I’m always more than anxious to read his columns.

— Dennis Guard, St. Bernard

Overcoming a Painful Childhood
During lunch yesterday I picked up a copy of CityBeat and read Larry Gross’ Living Out Loud column, “Mandolin Rain” (issue of Feb. 25). After reading it, I picked up another copy to send to a friend who lives in Texas and who doesn’t have email. I put it in the mail this morning.

She still suffers from memories of a painful childhood, and, while reading your column, I thought she might get some comfort from reading Gross’ words. I think or I hope she knows she’s not alone with those memories. Others have them, too. Sharing this story will at least remind her of that.

— Faith Harris, Fort Wright

Out of Work
Was this a restuarant review or a sly way of telling readers that you’re out of work and need a job? Guess you got to do what you got to do, but poor taste (no pun intended!).

— Fireandicegirl (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to dining review of Karma Asian Bistro, issue of Feb. 25)



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