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Comedy: Chelsea Handler

By PF Wilson · March 2nd, 2009 · CityBeat Recommends

Chelsea Handler isn’t sure what her main career is. Actress, TV talk-show host, author, stand-up comic — she does it all. But what does she put on her tax return? “Advanced drinker is usually what I put down first,” she says.

The drinking thing seems to highlight a double standard. “Women don’t drink like men,” she notes. “Women drink socially. When I say I love drinking, (I mean) I love drinking often. I don’t drink a ton. I have a cocktail at night when I get home and when I go to dinner, but I don’t have seven.

That’s what my twenties were for.”

The New Jersey-native’s first book, My Horizontal Life, was followed by last year’s Vodka, Are You There? It’s Me Chelsea. Research for the two did not overlap as much as one might think.

“The first book nobody knew who I was,” she says. “I was just on a little TV show at the time. I didn’t have any audience. Everyone was like, ‘You should write a book about all your one night stands, nobody has stories like that.’ So, with the success of that book, I had the freedom to write the kind of book I wanted to write.”

Handler performs at 8 p.m. at the Taft Theatre downtown. $32.50-$45.50.

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