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Lottery As Election

By Readers · February 25th, 2009 · Letters

Lottery As Election
City Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz is correct in that the present (council appointment) process is undesirable, but I would suggest some alternatives. First, the elections should be by districts and the replacement should be by the district. In these instances, I would suggest a lottery instead of a drawn-out election.

I would actually entertain the idea of a lottery instead of the general election. I don’t believe that a staggered lottery would fair any worse than the results we have been experiencing. One-term limits that are staggered every three years.

A lottery for replacements would offer an opportunity to test my theory.

— Dieter (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to news article “Power to the People,” issue of Feb. 18)

Thinger, Finger
Awesome column, one I wish I had written! I commiserate as someone with over 50 percent hearing loss since I was an infant.

Growing up with such a hearing loss meant that I misspoke words consistently because that is the way I heard them. Who knows how old I was when I realized that “thinger” is not the same as “finger.” I always felt a bit stupid, only because I grew up not hearing the conversations around me. A cute boy in junior high once asked me for the time, and I provided him with a pencil.

As Greg Flannery pointed out so well, there can be advantages. I’ve been walking with a friend and the friend turned to me to say, “Did you hear what they said about you?” Nah.

Ignorance is truly bliss!

But, as an aside, my biggest pet peeve is the fact that everybody and their brother seems to have a handicap parking sticker. I’m a right leg amputee and I generally try to save the special spots for the elderly or more handicapped than I. But sometimes, just sometimes, my prosthesis hurts like hell or my “good” knee is giving me fits and I’ll try to find a handicap space. No such luck.

I’ve seen youngsters 30 and under park — with a tag — in a handicap space and sprightly run into the store. I realize I shouldn’t assess and judge people I don’t know, but just take a moment to look at who parks there. Greg, I’d about guarantee, you can get that sticker!

— Marilyn (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to Living Out Loud column “My Ear Is Gasping for Breath,” issue of Feb. 18)

Hasn’t Worked!
The design charettes are advertised on the Brewery District Web site. City leaders to approach? City Councilman Chris Bortz, he has real world business experience and is not afraid to apply that experience to the city.

The Brewery District within the last few years has changed the zoning to be more conducive to the area. I’m sure zoning will never completely go away, even though that would be nice!

If you don’t understand the essential piece of the neighborhood that the streetcar would play, please visit www.cincistreet car.com. It can be the catalyst to turn around Over-the-Rhine and Downtown. “Let those who are willing to do their thing naturally” — this is what has been going on in OTR for the last 40 years. It hasn’t worked!

— CincyFirst (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to news article “New Ideas on Tap in OTR,” issue of Jan. 28)

Clean Boyfriends
Christ, if I had a boyfriend to clean my room for me, I just might give monogamy another chance.

— sarajew (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to Feb. 20 The Morning After blog post “Your Liver Hates Me (and I’m OK With That)”

Run, Run, Run!
OMG! I can’t believe anyone remembers this game. I could totally kick your ass in this.

If I remember correctly, Bo Jackson is unstoppable. So all you have to do is pick the Raiders and run, run, run!

— cd4 (comment posted at citybeat.com in response to Feb. 17 Sports blog post “Tecmo Super Bowl: The Ultimate Season”)



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