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Jeremy Thompson - Owner, Kaldi's Coffee Shop

By Chris Kemp · October 11th, 2006 · Dining

Thompson bought Kaldi's in June 2005. The 33-year-old has worked in the catering industry for almost 20 years and previously specialized in high-volume catering, working for Coney Island, Americana and Paul Brown Stadium. "When I bought Kaldi's," he says, "I was interested in something more intimate."

CityBeat: Where did you eat your last great meal and what was it?

Jeremy Thompson: I would probably say Maury's Tiny Cove over in Cheviot.

I had their cod sandwich, which is a phenomenal sandwich. It's fresh battered. They put it on a thick German rye. It's delicious. What I love about Maury's is they haven't decorated the place since the 1950s. It's so far out of style, it's retro again.

CB: Why do coffeehouses attract so many weirdoes?

JT: [laughs] That's a great question. It's a phenomenal question because it's true. We get all kinds in Kaldi's. You've got time to hang out, coffee's cheap: It's a buck-fifty for a coffee. It's a caffeine fix, and everyone needs a caffeine fix. It's your vice that goes all day.

KALDI'S COFFEE SHOP, 1204 Main St., Over-the-Rhine, 513-241-3070.



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