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Streetcars Drive Economy

By Readers · January 14th, 2009 · Letters
Streetcars Drive Economy

The streetcar proposal is an economic driver for our city. Businesses will want to locate on the route, and citizens will want to live close to it too.

The addition — I should say reintroduction — of streetcars will be a boon for visitors to our city by connecting our various destinations on an easy-to-use and well-laid-out route. It will also spur development in Over-the-Rhine, which has begun in a small way already thanks to 3CDC but can be extended all the way to the bottom of Clifton hill by the streetcar.

With all the vacant buildings and empty lots in the area, no one person “has” to be moved out of the neighborhood. Certainly the people who have property on or near the route will benefit, but there are so many uncared for and for sale properties that anyone with a bit of credit can be an owner. — Chris Wiedeman (comment posted in response to news article “Train Wreck,” issue of Jan. 7)

Bortz Has It Both Ways

From the article: “The structure of our government was designed so professional people would be making these types of decisions after study and deliberation,” City Councilman Chris Bortz adds. “Most of these issues aren’t the types of things that should be decided based on sound bites.” So decisions based on votes based on “sound bites” are bad.

From the article: “Voters elect City Council members,” he says, “and they make decisions based on the recommendations of City Hall’s professional staff such as community planners and budget analysts, who have the time and expertise to delve into complicated issues.” Voting for council members based on “sound bites” means we have made an informed decision to let them lead?

C’mon, Bortz. You can’t have it both ways! — The Dean (comment posted in response to news article “Train Wreck,” issue of Jan. 7)

Portman a Real Republican

Now we need a real Republican, not a RINO as was Sen. George Voinovich.

The Senator opposed President Bush on elimination of the death tax. The Senator opposed President Bush on privatization of Social Security. The Senator did not give positive support when President Bush wanted a commitment to a manned landing on Mars by 2020, which would have reaped numerous technological advances. The Senator was lukewarm — not aggressive — in support of ANWR oil drilling.

We need Rob Portman in 2010. A real Republican. — corkcountytim (comment posted in response to Jan. 12 news/issues blog post “Voinovich Retires; Portman to Run?”)

Ridiculous New Law Hurts Struggling People

My family owns a children’s clothing resale shop, and this law is going to put us out of business. I think it is ridiculous that in this time when people are struggling to make ends meet the government can come in and change laws that will put many people out of work.

I understand and am all for keeping kids safe — if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have started the business. My main concern is for the families that can’t afford new clothing, even the cheap Wal-Mart clothing, but are willing to sell their used clothing to me so that their children can be dressed for school. What’s going to happen to those people?

It just makes me sad to know that people who don’t know what it feels like to struggle can make laws that will only affect people who are struggling. I just pray that something will happen and this can be changed quickly. I know that there is no simple solution, but something has to happen. — jlj02d (comment posted in response to Jan. 5 wellness/ renewal blog post “Hand-Me- Down Clothes in the Post- Hand-Me-Down Era”)



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