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By Readers · January 7th, 2009 · Letters

Policies & Science
Thanks for the article about Dr. Richard Wyderski and his support for medical marijuana via Ohio Senate Bill 343 (re: “Docs for Dope” news article).

He has thousands of other doctors on his side. The American College of Physicians (124,000 members) recently asked the government for the right to prescribe. They note, “A clear discord exists between the scientific community and federal legal and regulatory agencies over the medicinal value of marijuana…”

A study of patients who now get marijuana cigarettes monthly from the federal government — as they have for decades — is at www.cannabismd.org/ reports/russo2.php.

President-elect Obama has promised change and policies based on science.

Federal interference with state programs seems likely to end soon. Jerry Epstein, Houston, Tex.

Sleeping Well?
I can certainly relate (to Dennis Charlton’s lawsuit against Fifth Third Bank) as I’m their latest victim. Now at $324 and counting. I deposited a check with a positive balance. They put a hold on the check, which was not reflected in my available balance when verified either by telephone banking, online banking or ATM inquiry. They allowed authorizations on multiple small debit card purchases, thereby opening their door to multiple overdraft fees. I never overspent more than what was in the account. …

This is the quintessential example of a predatory banking practice targeting low income customers. Unconscionable. One wonders how these guys could ever sleep at night.

Obviously I’ll be moving on in hopes of finding a financial institution with some semblance of integrity. Hope this posting will save a couple hundred people from losing a couple of hundred bucks. Scotperlstein (comment posted Dec, 30 in response to news article “Overboard on Overdrafts?”)

Manny Man
I think it would be a good signing (for the Reds) if we could get Manny Ramirez for only two years. Is there any quotes out there about Ramirez’s thoughts about Cleveland? I know he didn’t like Boston, but Cincinnati is obviously more like Cleveland. MadDog (comment posted Dec, 30 in response to Dec. 30 sports blog post “Manny Would Be Super Sweet”)



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