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Comedy: Bert Kreischer

By PF Wilson · December 29th, 2008 · CityBeat Recommends
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Bert Kreischer is a party animal. In fact, while he was in college, Rolling Stone named him “America’s Number One Party Animal.” After the issue hit the newsstands, Kreischer’s life changed over night. Radio and TV interviews followed, and Oliver Stone optioned his life story, but that project eventually fell through. Well, sort of. “The option ran out,” Kreischer explains, “and one of the writers who submitted his script to Oliver Stone got his intellectual property back, turned around and sold it to National Lampoon, and they ended up making Van Wilder out of it.

So basically Van Wilder was inspired by my life, but I get no money from it.” But there is one thing about the film that amuses Kreischer. “Apparently they didn’t change the names of any of my friends, so all of my friends’ names are in the movie,” he says,  laughing. Kreischer performs Friday-Sunday at The Funny Bone on the Levee.

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