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Week 15 - Patrick Fowler

By · December 22nd, 2008 · Bengals Fan
You are the winner of tonight's Bud Light Bolo toss game. How does it feel to be a champion?
It feels very sexy.

Now that you are in the spotlight, you are a role model. Any words of wisdom for all those aspiring Bud Light Bolo Football quarterbacks that look up to you?
Stay in the game.

You jumped out of the kitchen and showed people what you were cookin' tonight. What Bengals player served as your inspiration in tonight's amazing win?
All of them.

Chad Johnson changed his name to Ocho Cinco.

Now that you are a recognized athlete, what will you change your name to?

How would you describe your style of "Bengals Fandome".
Die hard, all the way.

How much training was involved to pull off a win like this?
Lots of slingin' wings.

You've now realized a childhood dream armed with little more than balls and the desire to win, what do you have left to live for?
A Bud Light

As a die hard Bengals fan can you tell me what you do when preparing for a game?
Drink lots of beer!

Is there anybody you would like to thank who helped you on the road to victory?
The lovely Sara and Serenity, also known as the Bud Light girls!



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