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Week 15 - Patrick Fowler

By · December 22nd, 2008 · Bengals Fan
You are the winner of tonight's Bud Light Bolo toss game. How does it feel to be a champion?
It feels very sexy.

Now that you are in the spotlight, you are a role model. Any words of wisdom for all those aspiring Bud Light Bolo Football quarterbacks that look up to you?
Stay in the game.

You jumped out of the kitchen and showed people what you were cookin' tonight. What Bengals player served as your inspiration in tonight's amazing win?
All of them.

Chad Johnson changed his name to Ocho Cinco.

Now that you are a recognized athlete, what will you change your name to?

How would you describe your style of "Bengals Fandome".
Die hard, all the way.

How much training was involved to pull off a win like this?
Lots of slingin' wings.

You've now realized a childhood dream armed with little more than balls and the desire to win, what do you have left to live for?
A Bud Light

As a die hard Bengals fan can you tell me what you do when preparing for a game?
Drink lots of beer!

Is there anybody you would like to thank who helped you on the road to victory?
The lovely Sara and Serenity, also known as the Bud Light girls!



02.17.2009 at 12:55 Reply
Whatever "Role Model" You sure have a good one here!!!! I would like to know where to find this "DEAD BEAT" of a father. He needs to start being a role model for his kids instead of a beer and a chicken.


10.19.2009 at 11:22
This guy is a joke! He has 5 kids and does not take care of any of them! Sure looks like he has plenty of money to waste on partying! It is awfully funny how he keeps getting around the child support system! This guy should be no one's role model! He needs to be a man and take care of his kids! Even if he doesn't support them he should at least try to see them and spend time with him. It looks like he has plenty of time on his hands. Can you say LOSER this guy is a joke! Not a winner!


05.28.2010 at 02:35
As far as I am concerned the mama's and grandparents of this guys kids are the winners! What a joke he is! I know for a fact he hasn't seen his oldest daughter in 6 years and she graduates next year. Really, really sad! I know that her mother doesn't even want money from him just to be active in her daughters life and he can't even do that. She has several brother's and sister's out there that she doesn't even get to see. This guy is a sorry excuse for a human being. Only thinks about himself, drinking and that thing between his legs! He is a perfect example of why some people should be forced to have a vasectomy!!!