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We're Winning the Culture War

By Readers · December 10th, 2008 · Letters
We’re Winning the Culture War

Statement of fact: Cincinnati Zoo = Good, Creation Museum = Evil. Let’s be clear: It’s evident to anyone with a brain that the Creation Museum is a horrible joke told by some seriously unfunny people, and the Cincinnati Zoo is a place of happiness, truth and light.

Wouldn’t it be a delicious irony, then, if our zoo were to find a way to exploit this den of ignorance for its own financial gain (“Cross Promotion, Cross Purposes,” issue of Dec. 3). Look at the upside: The zoo gets potentially more patrons, more money and, however unlikely, might educate the most woefully backward of our society.

And there really is no downside. Do you really think any creationists are going to show up at the zoo and successfully convert anyone to their ridiculous set of beliefs?

Anyone offended at the promotional partnership between the two institutions just isn’t getting the joke. We win, they lose. I bet the Cincinnati Zoo staff thought this was one of the best ideas they ever had and were shocked when people didn’t catch on to the irony.

Loosen up, people. We’re winning the culture war now — or hadn’t you heard?
— Nick Morriston, nickmorriston1@yahoo.com

Vote ’Em Out

I see no need for term limits on politicians.

We already have an effective method for limiting terms of office. It’s called “voting.”

Why should citizens arbitrarily lose the service of favored officeholders when they can get rid of them whenever they wish to already on any given election day?

Voters unseat their elected representatives all the time. But here’s the rub: Some people want to unseat officeholders who represent other people, because they don’t like them. For example, conservative Cincinnatians say they can’t stand Ted Kennedy. They say perennial officeholders like Kennedy are the reason we need terms limits.

The argument is specious. Kennedy represents the people of Massachusetts. Apparently they like him. They elect him over and over again.

Here’s the bottom line: The business of Massachusetts is no business of Greater Cincinnati. Got that? Term limits help one group of people exert control over the choices of other people outside of their own sphere of political influence.

Got a gripe about a multiple-term officeholder? Is the officeholder from your voting district? If so, vote ’em out. If not, mind your own business. What could be more democratic than that?
— Bruce Schultz, Cold Spring

Happy Holidays With Your Pets

Many of the things that help make our holidays merry can be dangerous for our four-legged family members. Please keep these tips in mind to protect your cats and dogs this season:

• Keep tinsel, ribbons and ornament hooks away from prying paws. Cats sometimes eat decorations. If you see string hanging from your animal’s mouth, never pull it out; it can cut her intestines. Call your veterinarian immediately.

• Make sure guests and children know not to share holiday treats with animals. Chocolate can cause cardiac irregularities, seizures and even death in dogs. • Keep plants like holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and lilies out of animals’ reach — they can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and even death if eaten. Better yet, choose silk plants.

• Guests coming and going provide more opportunities for animals to slip out. Make sure animals wear collars and I.D. tags, just in case. • Save the phone numbers of your veterinarian, along with the nearest emergency veterinarian, in your cell phone, so you’re prepared in case an emergency happens after-hours or while you’re away from home.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!
— Lindsay Pollard-Post, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Norfolk, Va.



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