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Bacher Was The Original

By Readers · November 26th, 2008 · Letters

Bacher Was the Original

In her review of Ryan McGinness’ art exhibition Aesthetic Comfort (“Dark and Dizzy,” issue of Nov. 12), Laura James states that the artist has created something “entirely original.” I’ve been a great fan of McGinness’ work since I first saw it at the Contemporary Arts Center’s Beautiful Losers show, and I also saw his Cincinnati Art Museum show as well as attended his lecture there.

I do wonder, however if James is referring to the artist’s use of glow-in-the-dark paint as being original. If so, it would careless not to mention Cincinnati-based artist Tom Bacher, who has been working in phosphorescent paints for 30-plus years.

In fact, so far as I know, he’s been one of the pioneers of this type of media.

If I’ve misunderstood James’ claim, my apologies. But knowing Bacher’s work, I couldn’t let this one slide.

— Lisa Wurster,
St. Bernard

Try a Veggie Thanksgiving

Barack Obama has risen from humble beginnings to the power of the presidency.

But every one of us has the presidential power to pardon a turkey on Thanksgiving. In fact, here are some reasons to skip the turkey this Thanksgiving: You are what you eat. Who wants to be a butterball? You won’t have to call Poultry Hotline to keep your family alive.

You won’t sweat the environment and food resources devastation guilt trip. You won’t spend a sleepless night wondering how the turkey lived and died. Your body will appreciate a holiday from saturated fat, cholesterol and hormones.

My family’s Thanksgiving dinner will include a tofurky, lentil roast, mashed potatoes, corn stuffing, stuffed squash, chestnut soup, candied yams, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and carrot cake. An Internet search on vegetarian Thanksgiving got us lots of recipes and other information.

— Harold Wardman,



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