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Ode to a Bartender

By Readers · November 19th, 2008 · Letters

Ode to a Bartender

I’m a regular reader of Larry Gross’ Living Out Loud column. I’m constantly amazed at how he puts himself out there, and last week’s column is no exception (“My Bartender and Bar Politics,” issue of Nov. 12). His “ode to a bartender” story was wonderful.

I was very moved by Gross’ discussion about his depression and how his friend, his bartender, stayed on his side through thick and thin. She sounds like a nice person — I wish I had gone into Madonna’s to meet her. I know she has shown up in Gross’ columns before, and I hope she does again.

Please let us know how this all turns out.
— Denise Maxxon, Mount Lookout

Y’All Are Biased

Regarding Larry Gross’ column “My Bartender and Bar Politics” (issue of Nov. 12), I have never read such a scurrilous and acrimonious distortion of the facts. As a businessman, the first thing one will quickly learn in the business world before reducing anything to writing is to “get the facts.” Gross — and pardon the pun — is grossly negligent in this area.

For him to take the word of a discharged “at will” employee without hearing both sides and write such a column in CityBeat is irresponsible.

This employee was fortunate that the owner of Madonna’s chose to simply let her go and not prosecute. You see, I know the facts because I talked to the owner today, and he told me the facts in this matter.

All Gross needed to do was contact the owner of Madonna’s and talk with him privately. Instead he chose to write this type of column that’s totally inaccurate and obviously seeks to injure or harm business at Madonna’s.
— Richard Hastings, Centerville

Being Happy at Happy Hours

I work close to Madonna’s downtown, right across the street at a bank (“My Bartender and Bar Politics,” issue of Nov. 12). I’m aware of Laura the bartender, but she probably as no idea who I am as I kind of stay to myself and don’t interact with other people. You might say I’m a little shy. But I watch and pay attention. She’s great with her customers. You know, “happy hour” is when you want to see a smiling face. You always got that with your bartender Laura, plus really good service.

That’s not the case with some of the other bartenders. I thought Grumpy’s closed more than a few years ago! No, it just moved across the street.

I’ll just walk a few more blocks to Arnold’s from now on. There, you get good service regardless of how many drinks you buy. I wish Laura much good work.
— Sam Rehort, Anderson Township

Terrible, Terrible and Poor

I am a very prominent businessman in the Cincinnati area and have been involved with some of the largest restaurants and taverns in the city. Larry Gross’ column “My Bartender and Bar Politics” (issue of Nov. 12) was horrible — if he only knew how difficult it is to be in business in this day and age and the cost of operation.

The column was onesided with no comments from the establishment in question, Madonna’s. My brother in law is chief correspondent in the White House for Associated Press, and he said the column should never have been written without hearing both sides.

My friends and I have discontinued the use of your magazine and will not permit it in our businesses! Terrible, terrible writing and poor editing!
— Tony George, Downtown



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