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CityBeat, You're the Best!

By President-Elect Barack Obama · November 12th, 2008 · News

Dear CityBeat,

I’m writing to extend my sincere appreciation for your support during this campaign. When Michelle and I undertook this journey more than 21 months ago, we knew that we had to have your help in order for this movement to succeed. Our campaign singled out Hamilton County as a shameful loss for Sen. Kerry back in 2004, and we were determined to win this Southwestern Ohio battle.

I remember back in February, just days before the Ohio Democratic primary, when your Editor John Fox came out to ask me a few questions about change we can believe in. It was then that I knew your writers and editors, salespeople and marketers, printers and delivery drivers would be fierce allies during the long road ahead. Now, I know a little bit about what you folks do down there on Race Street, and during the five minutes I spared for John to talk with me about hope and change I made sure to mention my respect and admiration for a similar paper back in Illinois, the Chicago Reader, and I knew that would make him like me.

I’m no dummy.

When we started this journey we had little money. And little support. Not much hope aside from that within our own hearts that believed, deep down, that CityBeat readers would listen to us. And there’s no way they would have heard us without you folks writing the stories, attending events, even drawing pictures of me on boats leading the Democratic Party. Hard to imagine a skinny kid from a white mother and an African father, raised by a grandmother in Hawaii, coming this far so soon…

We knew that with hope and guts and support that we could get our message out to the folks in Westwood, Springdale and Colerain Township, the eastern suburbs and all the way north to Butler County. We built a coalition of Southwestern Ohioans that had the collective power to retake Washington from the special interest groups and insiders. And even though you great Americans got kicked out of all the Chipotle restaurants in Greater Cincinnati, you still had an immeasurable impact on the campaign.

Without CityBeat none of this would have happened. I am humbled and honored to have earned your support, and I’m blessed by your kind words and dedication to community, service and ideals — plus your killer band listings — that have made this the greatest country on earth.

Much has been said about our well-organized, grassroots campaign and the Internet and the thousands of supporters who use cell phones and iPods to communicate. But the secret from the very start was to have you, CityBeat, take the reigns of your liberal medium and pull us into the White House.

We have succeeded, and Michelle and I owe you many thanks.



P.S. What’s up with all these ads for body rubs?



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