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Music: Mayday Parade

By Alan Sculley · November 11th, 2008 · CityBeat Recommends

It’s been demonstrated time and again that the Warped Tour provides great exposure for Modern Rock bands that get to play on the tour. My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and the All-American Rejects are among the bands whose stints on Warped served as a springboard to major success.

It turns out that even groups that never step foot on the stages also can get a real boost for their careers out of the Warped Tour. Mayday Parade can attest to that.

In the summer of 2006, the then-newly formed group hit the road to follow the Warped Tour on its cross-country trek. The band left behind the guitars, amps and drums, but brought along a pile of freshly recorded EPs and an ingenious idea to create awareness about the band.

By the time the tour finished its two-month run, Mayday Parade had sold some 11,000 copies of its six-song EP, all without ever playing a note on any of the Warped stages.

“It really just gave us a great head start for the band because we had never even toured or anything.

We had only played local shows and stuff,” singer Derek Sanders says.

The band’s approach was as grassroots as it comes. Every day on the tour, Mayday Parade would arrive at the Warped venue early in the morning, and as the lines of ticket holders began to form around 8 a.m., the band members would spring into action.

“We’d all put the backpacks on and fill our backpacks up with CDs,” Sanders said. “We each had CD players and headphones and we just walked around straight up and down the line and talked to every single person, and (said), ‘Hey, here’s our music. Do you want to check it out?’ They’d listen to it. (We’d say) ‘If you like it, it’s five bucks,’ and just do it that way.”

Mayday Parade perform at Bogart's Nov. 19. Read a full interview here.



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