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Music: Turnbull ACs CD Release Party

By Brian Baker · November 11th, 2008 · CityBeat Recommends

The Turnbull ACs have been called a lot of things, and they think every one of them is pretty funny. As the quartet prepares for a practice on the eve of a studio session at WOXY.com, frontman Dan Mecher and drummer Brian Penick laugh as they recount the mangled pronunciations that have been inflicted on the band. Turbo ’80s. Turtle Hayseeds. Turned Balls even.

“‘Turned Balls … what the hell is that?’” Penick recalls. “I like playing out of town and people start asking what band you’re with and you tell them the name and they come up with the craziest concoctions.

I guess the professional thing would be to be in a band that’s a household name, but I like this.”

If there is any confusion over the name (which, truth be told, is a reference to the late ’70s cult film classic, The Warriors), there’s no doubt about the sound that emanates from the band. The TACs’ 2006 eponymous debut was a masterful blend of brittle Bright Eyes Indie Pop and jagged Elvis Costello New Wave that had Big Time written all over it, and they were deservedly praised in a good many quarters as a result.

“We ended up getting a lot of positive feedback,” Mecher says. “We got a lot of support from WOXY.com and pretty good reviews from publications in other cities. It gave us some momentum that made me think, ‘We should write another album.’”

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