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Music: The David Liebman Group

By Elizabeth Wu · November 7th, 2008 · CityBeat Recommends
There are no longer many contemporaries of Miles Davis and John Coltrane around today, and even fewer are still actively composing and performing. David Liebman, 62, is one of those few.

What truly sets him apart, though, is not only his illustrious background but the fact that he continues to explore new musical territory and is also committed to sharing his knowledge as an educator. His music, having matured through decades of discipline, searching and playing, has a depth and fierce individuality that is becoming increasingly rare in today’s pop culture.

Unlike many Jazz performances, which typically draw from a repertoire of Jazz standards, tunes that are fairly well-known and for which the challenge lies in the arrangement, interpretation and execution, the David Liebman Group performs mostly originals. These compositions do not adhere to any one particular style — on the contrary, they all draw from a wide range of sources. Liebman likes to pull from Classical, Pop and international music as well as traditional Jazz. The group also plays extensively with different time-feels and odd tempos, with a focus on delivering a spontaneous performance aligned with the moment rather than a pre-determined arrangement.

The David Liebman Group plays the Blue Wisp at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Read a full interview and get show details here.



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