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Smiling Faces Sometimes

By Readers · November 5th, 2008 · Letters

Smiling Faces Sometimes

Buddakhan restaurant is still a bit of a secret downtown, but word is getting out (“Reflecting Over Crab Rangoon and Smiles,” issue of Oct. 15). Happy hour should mean smiles all around, especially for those who are serving you. I can relate to bartenders who feel like it’s their job to serve you, which it is of course, but having a smile on their face should be in their job descriptions.

I have been to some bars, including Larry Gross’ favorite Madonna’s, where the bartenders have a bit of an attitude. I don’t need icy stares when I walk in to get a drink. What I need is a smile.

Smiles rub off on other customers. Bar owners need to keep this in mind.

— James Wright, Downtown

Help Journalism Stay Alive

Regarding Joe Wessels’ column about how journalism is suffering (“Read All About It While You Can,” issue of Oct. 8): Of all the things I hear about that are just going downhill, the “press” is not usually one of them. I hadn’t thought about it because The Enquirer still comes every day. CityBeat, The Pulse Journal and others all get published as I expect them to be.

I don’t, by any means, consider myself very informed but I’m not clueless. How can I help journalists continue to write about what needs to be public knowledge? I’m a college student with limited funds and time. There is always a way to help. What is it? — Laura McMakin, Clifton


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