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Local Music Spooktaculars

By Mike Breen · October 29th, 2008 · Spill It

With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, pretty much any bar you pick this weekend will have some sort of scary happening going on. But if you’re a local music fan looking for more than “Monster Mash” karaoke and costume contests, here are my picks for Friday’s fiercest, most fearsome shows.

• AC/DC might be the only band in history who can write the same song 500 times and, 35 years later, they’re still able to sell out arenas like the U.S. Bank Arena for about 100 bucks a ticket. If you didn’t get your ticket but still need some of their devil boogie for your soul, Friday’s “Hell-O-Ween 2008” show at Northside’s Gypsy Hut should do the trick (or is that treat?). A group of local musicians from the bands Jackass and Caterpillar Tracks have formed the AC/DC tribute band, The Dirty Deeds (originally named After Christ Devil Comes). The band brags that they have both a Bon Scott and Brian Johnston singing, making it already better than the real band’s arena show. Also slated to appear: The Crue, a Motley Crue tribute featuring members of Jackass, Eatafetus Trio and The Virgins. Outrageous Country hucksters The Spurzz (who should be crying in their beers over McCain’s chances this Tuesday) also perform. The show is about $100 cheaper than seeing the real AC/DC (free, to be exact) and showtime is 10 p.m.

• The bands playing the Southgate House Friday will mostly be playing their own devilish brand of Metal, Punk, Post Punk and Rockabilly.

But I bet almost all of the musicians sport some kind of goofy costume. Dressed up or not, the lineup is top-notch, with Banderas (pictured), Angels of Meth, Rumble Club and Mad Anthony performing in the ballroom; The Read, Pantz Party and a reunited Hekrua in the parlour; and Straw Boss holding it down in the lounge. Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes.

• Over at Covington’s Mad Hatter Friday, superb local Experimental/Punk/Pop band Black Tie Affair hosts a Halloween bash that is also serving as its own funeral — the band has decided to call it quits after the show. Sort of. BTA has adjusted its lineup and plans on changing its name and resurfacing with all new material. The band’s MySpace page says they’ll be giving away tons of merch, including shirts and CDs. Helping the band say good-bye are A Decade to Die For, Dead Serious!, The Upset Victory, Stash and Famous Mr. Nobodies. (myspace.com/blacktie)

More Local Notes

• Cincinnati’s superb Roots/Punk/Country/Rock band 500 Miles to Memphis are still milking their excellent full-length album, Sunshine in a Shot Glass, which came out last year on Deep Elm Records. Given that the album is one of the best locally-produced long-players in the last 10 years, can you really blame them? The next stage of Sunshine’s extended shelf life kicks off Saturday when the band hosts a free release party celebration at Oakley’s 20th Century Theatre. The party/concert is in honor of the re-release of Sunshine, this time on vinyl. The album is being put out on Florida indie label Good Friends Records. Die hard 500MTM fans without phonographs will have to wait a little while for new product from the band, though singer/songwriter Ryan Malott says they’ll be playing a bunch of new tunes at Saturday’s show.

• Fellow liberal elitists, please, don’t take anything for granted and vote Tuesday. If you need to get inspired, head to Below Zero Lounge in Over-the-Rhine Thursday night for an 8 p.m. party/Obama fundraiser. Along with the screening of the half-hour film Ohio Issues Now, Election 2008, pioneering local synth duo A Perfect Jewish Couple — who have played very few shows in the area since splitting a couple of decades ago — will also perform.

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