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Art: Art Beyond Boundaries

By Selena Reder · October 28th, 2008 · CityBeat Recommends

“The theme of Houdini’s Box is all-encompassing,” explains Jymi Bolden, the Art Beyond Boundaries' gallery director. Bolden put the exhibition together to showcase a diverse range of photographers working with film and digital techniques. Bolden calls the exhibit Houdini’s Box, he says, because photography is a magic act. It freezes a moment in time forever and even captures the soul right out of the body. “For the photographers themselves, it is the magic of seeing the image appear in a dish of photography,” he says.

Ted Foldy exhibits a series of black-and-white photos shot during a trip to Newfoundland, Canada.

D.J. Maes also delves gracefully into black-and-white photography in the show. His series of untitled digital photos presents five pairs of feet. Patty Kempf shows a portrait of the artist, looking over her shoulder. Following her eye line points you in the direction of the words “who is she” typed on the right side of the image. Barbara Gamboa illustrates Cincinnati’s neighborhoods in a series of photos titled “Cinncerely Yours … Serene Moments in Cincinnati.”

There's also work from artists Phillip Andringa, David C. Callahan, Larry Cocklin, Kira Kayes, Paul Miles and Matt Mitchell. Monday-Saturday through Nov. 14.

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