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By Jake Speed · September 27th, 2006 · Speedy Delivery
Notes: Lots of folks believe that Cincinnati?s Coney Island stole its name from New York; according to legend, that ain?t right. The old timers in the area all know that the name hails from Pirate Cone, the vicious riverboat bandit who buried her gold somewhere along the banks of the Ohio. Some say the Fountain Square statue (also thought to be Cone herself) points out the gold?s final resting place, but all searches have come up dry.

Since the Freddies and I will perform at Coney Island?s Fall Festival this Sunday from Noon-2pm, I thought I?d let the public know the legendary truth in song. The Cliftones sat in for the session, turning this old river tune into a Dixieland delight. Huzzah!

Pirate Cone

By: Jake Speed

The Cliftones: trombone, tuba, trumpet, clarinet, piano, drums, backup vocals

Justin Todhunter: mandolin, backup vocals

Kentucky Graham: tenor guitar, backup vocals

Chris Werner (Go To Your Room Productions): sound engineering, mixing, and mastering

Come gather ?round, I?ll tell a tale

All about the Fountain on Fountain Square

The Genius of Water/the center statue, did you know

Is the riverboat bandit, Pirate Cone

Pirate Cone had the pirate look

Eye patch, parrot, and leg of wood

Still Pirate Cone was not the same

For Pirate Cone was a dame


Coney Island, Coney Island, named after Lady Pirate Cone

Coney Island, Coney Island, down by the river, the Ohio

Legend has it that down on the banks

Buried under shipwreck planks

Lies the bags of solid gold

Left by Lady Pirate Cone

Coney Island, Coney Island, grab a shovel, let?s go

Coney Island, Coney Island, down by the river, the Ohio

Louisville, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati

She pirated in her river boat Caddy

Paddled up from New Orleans

Grabbing booty like Jean Lafitte

Back in the Battle of New Orleans

Cone stole gold from a Frenchman?s fleet

The story goes her gold is buried

Where the statue points on Fountain Square

So if you dig, please do be warned

Pirate Cone done cursed the coins

The thief will have to live his days

In a right-wing town with backward way



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