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Music: Lost in Holland

By C.A. MacConnell · October 21st, 2008 · CityBeat Recommends

Lost in Holland, made up of Josh Hisle (U.S. Marine) and Michael Ronstadt (son of Linda) plays Baba Budan’s to support their albums Hearts and Minds and the unreleased The Last Great Loss.

Recently, Young’s label, Vapor Records, announced that they’ll distribute Lost in Holland’s albums.

The new one, The Last Great Loss, is in the recording stages. Attacking loss and trauma, last year’s Hearts and Minds is straight-shooting and natural; Hisle’s voice leaves the throat with a slight Springsteen rasp. Hisle can be quiet and he can punch it out, but it’s not claiming to be perfectly slick. Rather, he sounds instinctively gritty with frequent turns from emotionally strong to subtly reflective. Particularly moving, “Purple Hearts” mixes quiet vocals with an ironically raging message: “A box to fill a grave/And statues for the ones we could’ve saved.” Calling for a peaceful return from aching lands, Hisle’s softer delivery meets hard-hitting lyrics, drilling his message to heart.

Read an interview with Hisle here.



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