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Barack the Vote

By Mike Breen · October 15th, 2008 · Spill It

This Thursday, Cincinnati native sons The National, a now wildly-popular Indie band based in Brooklyn that just toured with R.E.M., is coming home for a cause … and a Rock show.

The National will be joined at Fountain Square by Dayton’s Kim Deal and The Breeders for what is being called “Vote Early, Rock Late.” The free concert/rally — featuring political speakers and voting assistance — takes place at 6 p.m.

The event is decidedly partisan — in just about two weeks, The National and The Breeders want you to vote Obama.

The National have been involved with the campaign in the past. After dedicating their set-closing song “Mr. November” to Obama at a concert, band members made a T-shirt with the phrase and Obama’s visage, raising around $10,000 for the campaign through sales. And at the Democratic National Convention earlier this year, the Obama campaign used an instrumental version of their song “Fake Empire” in a campaign video that aired before Obama’s speech at the stadium in Denver.

CityBeat contributor Dave Tobias talked with The National singer Matt Berninger recently about the show and why the band felt compelled to return to their hometown — in a swing state — for the rally.

“There is an intellect, compassion and empathy to (Obama) that doesn’t seem fake,” Berninger said. “I want the best of us to be in the White House. I want the cream of the crop of American thinkers to be making decisions for me, and (decisions) that are going to affect me, my family and our future. I want the smartest guy in the room, and the groundswell of support Obama has gathered shows that people see that in him.”



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