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Still Need Capable Journalists

By Readers · October 15th, 2008 · Letters

Still Need Capable Journalists

I want to thank Joe Wessels for his well written and much needed column on today’s newspaper journalism (“Read All About It While You Can,” issue of Oct. 1). My wife and I have seen a continuing decline in the quality and abundance of good journalism in newspapers today. As Wessels mentioned, newspapers are not staffing enough reporters, journalists, proof readers, etc. today to maintain quality journalism.

I grew up during the Depression and, although times then were tough economically, cities managed to maintain several newspapers with both morning and evening editions. I realize that the accelerating growth of electronic media provides much information to the public today, yet I believe we still need capable journalists to provide thoughtful and researched information to the public.

— Dick Robinson, Prospect Hill

Live Your Life Freely

As a general rule, I don’t write fan letters, but Larry Gross’ Living Out Loud column on gay marriage sealed it for me (“Love and Marriage and Being Gay,” issue of Sept.

17). I’m indeed a big fan of his writing.

I’ve been in Cincinnati close to two years now because of a job I couldn’t turn down. I hail from Boston and miss the way of life up there badly. As you know, gay marriage isn’t an issue there. We from Boston believe in people living their lives freely, and that includes loving and caring for someone of the same sex.

As Gross states, we have so many issues facing us, serious issues that could kill us all. Is gay marriage one of these issues? Hardly.

Since arriving here, I follow the local print media pretty closely. I’m pretty sure Gross is the first writer here to speak out and support gay marriage. In this conservative “little town,” I suspect he’ll also be the last.

— Nancy Hamilton, Downtown


I sometimes forget why I don’t pick up CityBeat. After reading Larry Gross’ silly column on gay marriage (“Love and Marriage and Being Gay,” issue of Sept. 17), I now remember why.

The tradition of marriage is important. Marriage is between a man and a woman, and it’s been that way for hundreds of years. It’s tradition.

People like Gross want to throw that out the window and open it up to gay people who can’t figure out their lives. Sure, get on your soap box and preach how wonderful your gay buddies are, but it doesn’t change anything.

If they want to live together, I could care less, but they shouldn’t impose their will on us. Just because they don’t believe in tradition doesn’t mean we have to do away with it.

You won’t print this letter, I know, because it’s a different opinion than Gross has. I don’t care. I wanted him to know how misguided he is. Change the column name from Living Out Loud to Laugh Out Loud.

— Keven Peder, Norwood



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