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Future of the Left with Against Me! and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

By Shawn Abnoxious · October 8th, 2008 · Sound Advice

A couple of years ago I missed an opportunity to see a band called Mclusky. Reports using loaded language reached me — the show was “totally awesome” and “great” and “shitass phenomenal” and all that kind of stuff. But one person in particular, Erin Proctor (of local band Eat Sugar at the time), said it was one of the best shows that she had ever seen.

She was talking since ever.

Ms. Proctor made me feel genuine deep regret. The kind of regret that rips organs out of bodies. The kind of regret that makes your teeth hurt. The sort of regret that stays with you.

Like a rash contracted from doing yard work that ends up hospitalizing you.

Well, I will never get to rectify seeing Mclusky and neither will you, humble CityBeat reader, because Mclusky is no more. But lets not live in the past, let’s move on to the future. The future of what is left.

The Future of the Left hail from the U.K., but don’t hold that against them. Their make-up includes two parts of the aforementioned Mclusky (including singer Andy Falkous and drummer Jack Egglestone) along with a newbie to the ranks, Kelson Matthias.

Definitely designed for fans of Les Savy Fav, Butthole Surfers and US Maple, on FOTL’s debut release, Curses (out now on Too Pure), you experience a rollercoaster ride of real-truth emotions and feelings that most people try to bury and suppress. Their the same feelings that FOTL unleash with a fury, a spit, a beat and a hum.

And to top all this off, a quick search of YouTube reveals that they are also doing select Mclusky songs to boot. So some of this deep regret mentioned earlier may be eliminated nevertheless. It’s your duty, humble reader, to set this right.

Don’t mess this up now, you’re too close.



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