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Music: The Kooks

By Alan Sculley · October 7th, 2008 · CityBeat Recommends

It might seem like a letdown for a group like The Kooks to tour the United States.

The band is a major headliner in the U.K., playing prestigious festivals and arenas in that country, where its two albums, Inside In/Inside Out and their latest album Konk, have been million-selling hits.

But stateside, The Kooks are playing clubs, even though the Pop appeal of Konk is undeniable. Most of the songs at least offer breezy melodic hooks that are easy on the ears.

Kooks guitarist, Hugh Harris, though, doesn’t sound at all bothered about playing clubs in the states, where the Kooks have yet to make major waves on the charts. They're playing for smaller crowds, but with better press. See interview here.



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