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Northern Kentucky University

By Tim Owens · October 1st, 2008 · News

Chris L. Walker
Senior, Anthropology Major

Q: What are the campus issues people are talking about?
I think there’s a big violation of First Amendment rights on campus. I don’t like the Greek life’s stranglehold on the (Student Government). I think a lot of students’ rights suffer because of it. Another problem is a lot of students don’t care to know what their rights are and those who do don’t know how to find out about the very little rights they do have. Another issue is the price for parking passes. When I first came here a few years ago, the price for a pass was $90. Now a pass costs $175.

Q: What are the best and worst parts about your school?
The best part about the school is the new Student Union. I also like the amphitheatre. It’s a really relaxing place to be. There are also a lot of student organizations, an organization for everything. If you’re interested in breathing, then there’s probably an organization for it that you can join. The worst thing about this campus is that it’s a concrete jungle. Sometimes it feels like a prison. The wintertime around here gets to be severely depressing.

Jill Lussi
Senior, Marketing Major

Q: Is diversity respected on your campus?
Yes, I think it is.

There’s a lot of diversity. There are people from a lot of different countries that go here. I know people here who come from Mali, Nigeria and Spain. The climate is good for the diversity we have here. I haven’t seen or heard of any racist things going on. There’s an organization on campus that encompasses people from a lot of different backgrounds. They hold meetings and talk about each other’s backgrounds and lifestyles. One time they came in to my Human Sexuality class and discussed various issues with us.

Q: Are safe sex, GLBT issues and date rape discussed on campus?
The campus has been very progressive with security since the rape incident last year. I didn’t think there was enough security here before, but it’s definitely increased this year. Now we have blue boxes around campus that people can use to call the police when they need help. But I still think more can be done. I think there should be more lighting for the parking lots that are farther away from the buildings.

Whitney Abell
Senor, Liberal Arts Major

Q: What do students know about your school that outsiders don’t?
A lot has changed on campus. People think there isn’t a campus life, but it’s actually growing. Student Affairs has continued to grow. They are promoting academic success in the residential housing area. It’s working because students are succeeding. The problem for the university is advertising. People on the outside don’t know anything about this place. They just say, “What? There’s a school there?” But the Bank of Kentucky Center should help with advertising. The basketball game against the University of Louisville should help generate media and revenue. The Student Union is helping to improve the atmosphere. I guess their thinking is that the better the atmosphere the better the students’ grades will be.

Q: Describe the cyber culture on your campus.
It’s really good here. All the dorms have WiFi. There are computers everywhere. I really don’t have an issue with any of the technology on campus. I just wish I knew how to get NKU email on my phone.



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